Preseason Mini-Camp

TNBC Preseason Mini Camp will host players from each age group selected to play on a TNBC Spring Club team.  The players will train and compete weekly until rosters are made. During training camp, players learn the foundation of our playbook, terminology and the TNBC Culture.

Preseason Mini-Camp Costs


Spring Club Teams

Spring Club teams are formed in February.  Teams practice twice per week and compete in 8-10 tournaments mainly in the Southeast region. Teams will consist of 10 players per team.  

Below is the breakdown:

Age 6U-8U - 1 team

Age 9U/ 3rd grade - 1 team 

Age 10U/4th grade - 2 teams 

Age 11U/5th grade - 2 teams 

Age 12U/6th grade- 2 teams 

Age 13U/7th grade - 3 teams 

Age 14U/8th grade - 3 teams

Age 15U/9th grade -2 teams

Age 17U/10th/11th grade - 1 team 

Spring Club Team Costs

Ages 6U - 8U $800*  (travel not included)

Ages 9u - 11U $1,000*  (travel not included)

Ages 12U - 15U $1,000* (travel not included)*

*Option to pay $2000 and participate in all TNBC offerings for year (must be eligible for Summer Club)

Summer Club Teams

There will be Forty (40) players total that participate on our TNBC Summer Club teams. Teams will play in 3-4 tournaments and practice and train weekly between July-September.

Summer Club Basketball Team Costs

Ages 6U - 8U N/A

Ages 9u - 11U $400

Ages 12U - 15U $400

TNBC Leagues

Each player gets to participate in 10 high speed/high energy games all supervised and enforced by TNBC coaching staff. Players are held accountable for selfish basketball and mental mistakes.  We have created an environment where players can learn on the fly. First year players can get thrown in the fire and not be burned as much.  Games usually take place on Sundays between 3pm - 8pm.


Prep League - 2nd - 4th grade

NCAA League - 5th - 6th grade

NBA League - 7th - 8th grade

Fiba League - 9th - 1th Grade

League Costs

Spring Basketball League  - $150

Summer Basketball League - $150

Fall Basketball League - $150