TNBC FALL LEAGUE 10/14/2018 

4:00pm Prep

5:00pm Africa vs Americas

5:00pm Europe vs Asia

6:00pm China vs Nigeria

6:00pm India vs Australia

7:00pm Argentina vs Mexico

7:00pm USA vs Canada

Prep Players

TJ Black-Holmes

Jason Blake

Marshall DuVall

Max Frushtick

Parker Garrison

Jack Howard

Noah Wilcox

Cade Griffith

Levi Howard

Chris Lee

KJ Saffold

Shaw Tomlinson

William Whipple

Noah Douglass

Hunt Foust

Noah McGrath

Quint McGrath

Ethan Ouyang

Trey Rutulante

Andrew Wilhelm

Max Frushtick

Arjun Vyas

Dexter Page

Ryder Ripps

Nebiyou Yilma

John-John Sullivan



Kayden Allen

Wolfe Hudepohl

Reid Zeising

Luke Sedgwick

Jake Yamada

Dallas Strickland

Bryson Watt

Ben Reese


Nicholas Allen

Noah Allen

Tobias Brinkley II

Finn Graber

Joshua Jordan

Liyel Margolias

Charlie Wise

Alex Wong


Berwyn Green

Bryan Hill

Benjamin Howery

Ryan Levin

Alex Martorella

Austin Schwall

Mac Stratton

Isaac Wolf


Aiden Aponte

Aidan Bankston

Jaxson Brown

Trenton Lewis

Kethan Menachery

Zack Siegel

Charles Smith

Eric Snell



Carl Alexander

Myers Allen

Will Aronson

Corban Kwon

Jack Reddy

Justin Simmons

Brandon Simmons

Adam Wideman


O'Neill Connolly

Matthew Aronson

Josh Kavel

Tyshawn Speight

Ethan Halliwell

Guy Latham

Jacob Pearson

Nate Hayes


Michael Carroll

Kiran Menachery

Ford Stratton

Jack Block

Jackson Davis

Frankie Burns

Will Russell

Ty Harpring

Archer Snell


Andrew Willis

David Simmons

Michael O'Connor

Dayton Greaves

Hugo Fleming

Evan Cram

Simon Brainard

Kayden Allen

(First name missing) Simmons 


Harrison Balch

Luke Binney

John Catherman

Harrison Dixon

Walker Hale

Roben Howery

Everett Hughen

Stuart Richardson


Liam Cash

Peter Davis

Jake Escher

Reynolds Escher

Julius Johnson

Soren Matthias

Brody Matthias

Brenner McCamey

Ben McGinty

Luca Tanasa


Lamar Charles

John Calame

William Boney

Esfan Daya

Kyle Coleman

Tyler Robinson

John Evanoff

Jack Stickland


Pierce Adamson

Ian Castenfelt

Jamal Cox

Christian Flournoy

Jayden Foster

Peter Martorella

Dillon Watt

Jaden Watt

Bobby Xia

Week 1 Summary:



Prep North and East were divided and put into action on first day of live play.  The East (Black) walked away with victories on both courts. Standout players were both TNBC rookies Quint McGrath and Jason Blake.


The Americas 44  vs Asia 46 This was a very exciting game to watch. Noah Allen (The Americas) displayed various tools in his game that makes him very effective.  He understands pace and has very good shot selection.   He finished with 12 points and 4 rebounds.  His brother Nicholas Allen had the most rebounds in The League this week with (12).  Getting your team extra possessions and ending defensive series is very important and he did a great job on that front.  Unfortunately the Allen Brothers , could not slow down RJ who finished with 11 points 5 assists and Charles Smith who finished with 11 points 7 rebounds.  Rj hit the the go ahead bucket in sudden death.  Speed and communication were his best two attributes this week.  Much more to come from him. 

Africa  41 vs Europe 42 Bryson Watt came out of the gate aggressive on both ends sparking life into his teammates with his nonstop motor and finished the game with 12 points 2 rebounds.  Wolfe Hudepohl and Jake Yamada were also big assets in the one point victory. From the African team, Benjamin Howery filled the scorers column with 14 pts in the loss.  He is showing continuous improvement and will be a tough defensive assignment for his next opponent. 


Argentina 46 vs Australia 44 Game went into sudden death and winner was determined by a cross court assist via Dillon Watt to Player of The Game - Ian Castenfelt who finished with 14pts 6 rebounds. Kyle Coleman (Australia) chipped in 8 points in the loss.

Canada 38 vs China 46 China held off a surging Canada led by Everett Hughen who finished with 11 points. his teammate John Catherman had 10 points.  Jake Escher and Luca Tanasa shot the ball well , both finishing with 10 points per. Harrison Balch, was very impressive reading the defense and playing out of the pick in roll.  His ability to get his teammates high percentage shots and make open threes makes him special. he finished with 9 points ( 3 three pointers) 5 assists.

Nigeria 31 vs USA 82 The USA got off to a big lead early leaving Nigeria shocked at half with a 25 point margin.  Matthew Aronson & Hugo Fleming were unstoppable both finishing with 26 points. Josh Kavel ( Nigeria) finished with 8 points.